SMTP, which is an acronym for Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, is the software that enables you to send out e-mails from your email addresses. Without this, you will not be able to employ email applications or webmail. Once you send an e-mail, your SMTP server creates a connection to a DNS server to find out where the e-mails for the recipient domain name are taken care of. Then, it creates a connection to the remote email server and trades information. If the recipient mail box is present, your server transmits the e-mail to the receiving POP/IMAP server and the latter brings that e-mail to the particular mailbox where the recipient can find it. If you wish to send e-mails, you should always ensure that the website hosting company provides the service with their packages. Even when you work with an online form that visitors use to get hold of you, you will still need an active SMTP server for your hosting account for the form to work.

SMTP Server in Cloud Web Hosting

With every single Linux cloud web hosting package that we offer, you’re able to work with our SMTP server and send e-mails via your favorite e-mail app, webmail or a script on your website. The service is available with the plans as standard, not as a paid add-on or on demand, so you can make use of your emails as soon as you create them using your Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. We have made comprehensive tutorials how to create a mailbox in the most widespread desktop and smartphone e-mail clients and they also contain all SMTP settings that you'll require together with standard issues that you may encounter as well as their solutions. If you work with an online contact form on your site, all you have to enter is the server name along with your email address, so you can get the form functioning instantly.

SMTP Server in Semi-dedicated Hosting

If you get a semi-dedicated server plan with our company, you will be able to send emails as soon as you create a brand new e-mail address using your Hepsia web hosting Control Panel. All mail boxes can access our SMTP server automatically, not on demand or being an optional upgrade, you can get in touch with friends and colleagues using your favorite e-mail client or webmail. You may as well make use of a contact form on your web site and visitors can contact you with ease. The SMTP settings are listed in the Emails area of your Control Panel. Inside the same area you may also see how to create an e-mail with the most widely used applications on your PC or phone as well as common issues and their solutions if you get an error message whenever you attempt to send out an email.